SupaSpray Vacuum-Operated Teatspray

Vacuum Operated:

  • Fits to existing vacuum line. Supplied with vacuum connection, 10mm vacuum supply line and a moisture trap.

Fits to competitors’ systems:

  • The SupaSpray is supplied with an adaptor to fit directly to existing Ambic teat spray installations.

High Performance:

  • 60psi at 50kpa and 50psi at 44kpa.
  • Excellent teat coverage.
  • Fast application.

Pump only works when spraying:

  • Low maintenance.
  • Long Life.

Using the SupaSpray

Post-Milking Teat Disinfection

  • The SupaSpray is used successfully with most post milking teat spray chemicals. The high pressure produced by the SupaSpray makes it especially useful when spraying thicker chemicals, even on low vacuum systems

Cotswold Hand Gun Advantages:

Service Kits Available
Robust Stainless Steel Nozzle End
Retrofits to existing systems

Supaspray Pump:

Quick and easy to install
Wall mount or fit directly in the drum
Only two moving parts!
Simple and quick to repair and maintain
Service and repair on site in minutes

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