OnFarm Datachain

The Concept

The concept behind the Onfarm Datachain system is to automate as many tasks on your farm to help remove as much of the manual labour and guesswork, therefore make your operation more sustainable and cost effective.

The Components

The components are the devices that control, monitor and ultimately allow you the farmer to drag data together, control processes and equipment across your farm. Distance between components is no restriction and installation is minimal due to their wireless connectivity.

The Dashboard

The Datachain Dashboard brings all your collected information from each component and displays it so you can make informed decisions that can help limit some of the overheads in your farming operation. The web interface shows historical data while the Smartphone app shows current levels. Managers are able to see all data and have full control while farm workers are allowed only the functionality you choose them to have.

The Components

The Datachain is the robust wireless networking system that joins each Component together via a system called a Mesh Network. A message from one device will hop along the Datachain between different components until it reaches its destination which is either the Dashboard (via the internet) or the wireless device somewhere it the network.

All data is logged on the Datachain Base Station on your farm and synchronised to multiple servers placed in different locations around New Zealand. This means your data is secure and backed up whether there is an internet outage or any other unforeseen circumstance.

Components Available on Onfarm Datachain

Soil Moisture/Temp Component
Feed Silo & Molasses Level Component
Milk Vat Temp Component
Travelling Irrigator Component
Water Level Monitoring Component
Remote Control Component
Pivot Control Component
Electrical Current Monitoring Component
Weather Station Component
Weather Forecasting Component
Milk Data Component

Basically anything on your farm that you want monitored, alarmed or controlled

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