The TEATWAND 400 automatic teat sprayer was developed in 2008 to address the problems associated with poor teat spray coverage associated with stationary platform and in race walkover teat sprayers.

The new innovations that were incorporated in the TEATWAND 400 are:

  • A moving arm that moves 400mm under the udder to obtain better reach and better coverage of all 4 teats.
  • The use of a flexible spring so the arm flexes if it comes into contact with cows legs or any milking machine parts avoiding harm to cow and equipment.
  • The TEATWAND 400 is programmed to adjust to different platform speeds so that no adjustment is necessary for morning or afternoon milking.
  • The use of smart sensors so that it will only spray if there is a cow in the bail with no cups attached.
  • As there is only one spray solenoid and one spray nozzle it allows the use of the best quality components for reliability. The spray nozzle is self- cleaning, so dirt and fecal matter will not block the nozzle.
  • All stainless construction means longevity is built-in.

Some comments from farmers speak for the TEATWAND 400 concept:

Anderslea Dairies Victoria Australia

“We rate the Teatwand as one of the most valuable parts we have in our dairy. After building a new dairy in 2009 we ran with a walk-over teat sprayer for 2 years and battled with mastitis and high cell counts. Since the Teatwand installation we have had significantly less mastitis and our cell count has halved”

Prospect Farm Ltd West Coast New Zealand

‘We installed the Teatwand in our rotary dairy in 2011 after experiencing ongoing difficulties with another company’s teat sprayer not providing full coverage of the udder. The Teatwand consistently delivers a teat spray that provides full coverage to the udderof every cow on the platform. This is reflected in a reduction of mastitis cases in our herd of 715 cows this year. We are entirtely satisfied with this product”

The Teatwand 400 has now been installed in over 350 dairies in New Zealand, Australia and the UK. It has proven its reliability in many hundreds of thousand uses on individual farms.

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TEATWAND 400 by the numbers

Length extended
Length retracted
Spray duration
Spray volume

Approx 3sec
Approx 25-30ml

Video image Video image