Bringing the Comfort of Outdoors, Indoors

Why Choose Comfort Slat Mats

  1. ‘Super-soft’ air-cushioned design brings the comfort of Outdoors- Indoors
  2. Achieve weight gains of up to 0.30 kg. per day(Fast pay back)
  3. Unique and patented curved-surface keeps animals dryer and cleaner
  4. Reduces Urease by 90% - Please see report here
  5. Speedy removal of animal waste
  6. Fast, ease and secure installation - clips down and stays down
  7. Hard wearing surface for increased durability
  8. Significant reduction in lameness
  9. Comfort Slat Mat enhances mounting activity and increased duration of standing heat
  10. It is the only mat system in the world that address animal welfare & the environment  where it reduces ammonia by up to 50% & Methane by up to 76%.

How they work

Curved smooth design ensures the speedy removal of waste to the tank underneath. A reduction of up to 50% of ammonia can be achieved by this speedy removal of the waste from the surface increasing the nitrate value retained in the slurry. The cored section provides maximum comfort & minimal slip and at the same time allows the mat to ‘flex’ under the weight of the animal.

With Comfort Slat Mat’s patented design, the flow of urine & faecal matter is guided into the slots where it is directed to the tank below. This keeps the animal dryer & cleaner.

The removal of animal waste and the smooth floor reduces the slippiness of the floor surface thereby improving the animals’ footing & sense of security in being able to walk on the mat without fear of injury.

Slat Mat diogram image

SLAT MATS details

Curved to Flat Floor
Unique Fixing System
Dryer & Cleaner Floor
Reduce Ammonia up to
Reduce Methane up to
Reduce Urease by


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