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Spread Eagle image
Spread Eagle image
Spread Eagle image

Teatwand Exact

This new development in the Teatwand concept has taken another step forward.

Teatwand 400

The TEATWAND 400 automatic teat sprayer was developed in 2008 to address the problems associated with poor teat spray coverage.

Cotswolds Manual Teat Spray Systems

The most consistent full cone manual teat spray guns on the mark.


The Spread Eagle is a supplementary device for the Teatwand that ensures the cow is in the correct position for teat spraying ensuring full coverage of all four teats.

Comfort Slat Mat
Spread Eagle image
Spread Eagle image


With Comfort Slat Mat’s patented design, the flow of urine and faecal matter is guided into the slots where it is directed to the tank below. This keeps the animal dryer and cleaner.

Cluster Flush

A very effective way of sanitizing the milking units between cows, minimising the transfer of contagious mastitis organisms, with a clean cluster on every cow.

Onfarm Datachain

Automate anything on your farm that you want monitored, alarmed or controlled.